iPhone Set Alarm

To set an alarm on iPhone is a little different way than other smartphones operating system. So today, I am going to discussing on how to set alarm on iPhone very easy. Some of the beginners iOS users haven’t knowledge about to set up alarm time, start timer watch etc. Since users are going on Google to learn right trick to set up perfect time to wake up at early morning or on his/her important time. Okay, lets we start steps to set alarm on iPhone 6 to a song mean with music.

Set alarm on iPhone 6 to song: iOS 9

Launch Clock app on your iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, now you can see four options at bottom of the screen: World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer. Select Alarm option.

Now touch on ‘+’ icon (you can see it at right-top side on the screen). Set up your wake up time and tap SoundHow to set alarm on iPhone 6 to a song.

Under ‘’Songs’’ tap on ‘’Pick a Song’’. Touch on songsset alarm on iOS 9 device With Music. Choose a song and tap on ‘+ button’ to keep your favorite song as alarm sound.

Now make confirm your alarm time setting is okay. If yes then tap on Save (you can see top-right side on the iPhone screen). You’re done.

How to Add and Delete Alarm in iOS 8

The part of article respectively illustrates how to add and delete alarm in iPhone 6 or iPad 2 with iOS 8.

Add alarm in iOS 8:

  1. Click Clock on the home screen.
  2. Select Alarm on the bottom, and tap the top-right plus sign (i.e. +).
  3. Manually set the time of the alarm.
  4. Make changes to other settings of the alarm.
  5. Config you alarm settings:
    • If you want to set alarm repeat schedule, choose Repeat, select options from Every Sunday to Every Saturday, and hit Back.
    • To label the alarm, select Label, type a name and tap Back.
    • To change the sound of the alarm, click Sound, choose a song or a ringtone and hit Back.
    • Tap Snooze to switch it off or on.
  6. Click Save on the top right to save all settings.

Delete alarm in iOS 8

  1. Open Clock from the home screen.
  2. Tap the top-left Edit button, click the red circle with a minus sign (i.e. -) and choose Delete.

How to Set a Custom Alarm Tone in iOS 7

Setting up a custom alarm tone is a new feature in iOS 7. All your iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 can have a custom alarm tone instead of the default set of tones that iOS ships with.

  • Open the Clock app
  • Select the Alarm Clock icon from the menu (bottom)
  • Add a new alarm by tapping on the ‘+‘ sign on top-right. Or, tap on Edit to edit an alarm clock already set.
  • Tap on Sound
  • Scroll up and under SONGS tap on Pick a Song
  • Pick a song from the playlist (or any part of the music app)
  • This will be now set as the alarm tone

That’s it! Simple, right? After successfully set up Alarm on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you’ll see clock icon on top status bar on iPhone. Now, the next time you turn that alarm app, it will wake up you with whatever Music you selected.

Furthermore, any-time you want to use that same song or music for a differ time as an alarm sound, though it’ll stay in the list of song that are currently in use as alarm so you don’t have to go digging through your entire music library.