iPhone Safe Mode

Are you having problems with your iPhone constantly crashing? Mobile Substrate will place your iPhone into Safe Mode before it can completely crash but it’s still a nuisance to have to keep restarting. The problem is normally caused by a bad app downloaded and installed.

We have all experienced a broken Cydia Tweak that causes our iOS device to go into a continuous loop. If you have been jailbreaking long at all you know what I’m referring too. It’s not your device causing the problem it’s two tweaks conflicting with one another or a tweak not compatible with your iOS version.

Many people who jailbreak are under the impression pirated tweaks are compatible when the true version states "not compatible with this version of iOS". This couldn’t be further from the truth. Chances are thats why you are getting this loop or problem you are having now.

This can be used to fix a couple different problems. Safe Mode Will help users: remove conflicting tweaks and fix infinite loop;

How to Enter Safe Mode

Hold power and Home button until the screen goes black then remove finger from home while continuing to hold power. Once you see the Apple logo-hold the volume up button until the springboard loads. If the device is in Safe Mode the tweaks will be gone under the setting menu.

Removing Tweaks in Safe Mode

It’s not necessary to remove buggy tweaks in Safe Mode, but if your device is unable to properly function in its regular mode, then Safe Mode provides a window of opportunity for you to eliminate the tweak while it remains docile and inactive.

To remove a tweak, head to the Installed section again in Cydia and locate the tweak from the alphabetized list or the "Recent" tab. Select the tweak, then hit "Modify" -> "Remove" and confirm your selection. Your device will restart after the package is uninstalled.

You can also remove multiple tweaks at once. After selecting "Remove", you can choose "Continue Queuing" to add the tweak to your queue, which is accessed through the "Installed" page.

Exit Safe Mode

Simply restart or reboot the device. This should bring everything back to normal. The tweaks should be visible in the settings menu now. Chances are the last tweak you installed before the problem started occurring will be the one you need to remove. However, thats not always the case but definitely a good place to start when eliminating problems. So check out our video below on how to enter and exit Safe Mode.

Hope you found this post helpful. This tip can help save you a lot of trouble. Anytime I have problems this is the first thing I go to for fixing it. This is definitely the simplest way of removing bad tweaks. Bookmark this post so you can refer back to it in the future if you need to remember how to get into Safe Mode.

Nothing Helps - Restore

If things really don’t work at all, you might have to restore your iOS device. But be sure that the problem you’re trying to nail down persists even after you’ve tried all the previous methods. If, even after removing all Tweaks, your iPhone goes berserk and reboots to safe mode, you should try to restore it.