Downgrade iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.1

Apple has finally released the public version of iOS 9.2 with major bug fixes and some new features. One the feature of iOS 9.2 is to let you import photos and videos directly from an external USB source. There are specific users who are still happy with iOS 9.1 and have updated to iOS 9.2 either accidentally or for experiment purpose.

Though iOS 9.2 appears to run faster than prior versions and fixes many bugs some users wish to downgrade an iPhone & iPad back to iOS 9.1 for some reason. Downgrading iOS is possible for a limited time as long as Apple is still signing the prior iOS version. It’s unclear how long this will be possible for iOS 9.1, so if you want to downgrade from iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.1, you should probably move fast so you don’t miss the signing window from Apple.

Downgrade to iOS 9.1 from iOS 9.2

Follow the tutorial below to downgrade iOS 9.2 to 9.1. This is the same from any Mac or PC, and any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Back up iOS device to iTunes before getting started, don’t skip this or you will lose your data, apps, emails, messages, pictures, and everything else on the device in question.

  2. Make sure that iTunes in your computer is updated to the latest version. If not, then update it first before proceeding.

  3. Go to Settings > iCloud in your iOS device and disable Find My iPhone.

  4. Open iTunes and connect the device to downgrade with a USB cable if you haven’t done so yet.

  5. Select the device in iTunes and OPTION click the “Restore” button on a Mac, SHIFT click the Restore button in Windows.

  6. Select the iOS 9.1 IPSW file to restore the device, this will format the device and erase everything on it, but return it to iOS 9.1.

  7. When the downgrade to iOS 9.1 is complete, you can either set the device up as new, or restore it from the previously made backup and get your data, apps, etc back onto the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Should you downgrade from iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.1? Probably not, particularly given that iOS 9.2 has better performance with some devices, but some users may have a compelling reason or desire to do so, thus it’s worth covering. Maybe an app is crashing or something is incompatible, whatever the reason, it’s possible for a limited time.

Save iOS 9.1 SHSH blobs for future

Still iOS 9.2 users can Downgrade easily with iTunes method. However, Apple can disable iOS 9.1 sign status anytime. Therefore, we recommended saving iOS 9.1 SHSH blobs now. After save iOS 9.1 SHSH blobs iOS users any time can Downgrade back to iOS 9.1 if Apple not allowing to sign it.