Facebook Delete Games

Facebook games rely on access to your profile to post updates on your wall and connect to your friends. Whenever you install a game or app on your Facebook account, you authorize the game to access certain aspects of your Facebook data. If you are finished with a particular game and don’t want the game to have access to your Facebook account any longer, remove the game to sever the connection completely.

Games on Facebook are a type of app, so you can use this same information to get rid of any other apps you no longer need. Third-party apps sometimes raise privacy concerns as they not only have access to your public information but to your friends list and other information you choose to share. That’s why it’s a good idea to occasionally review the list of apps that you’ve connected to Facebook.

Remove Facebook Games

To remove an app or game you’ve added:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click down arrow in the top of Facebook and select Settings
  3. Click Apps in the left menu
  4. Hover over the app or game you’d like to remove and click x

Once you confirm, the game will no longer appear on your profile or apps page and will not have access to your information.

Maybe you still enjoy your life on the frontier but are tired of people asking for your help with their gang wars? There are a couple of ways to keep game notifications from showing up on your Facebook page. The easiest method is to hide them requests.

Next time a posting from a game shows up your wall that you don’t ever want to see again, follow these steps:

  1. Click the X next to the post on your home page.
  2. Select "Hide all … ".
  3. This will keep all notifications from that game, app or person - if you want to hide someone - from showing up on your home page.

So now you know how to delete games, but were they ever a good idea to begin with? On the next page, we’ll explore the security of Facebook games and apps.

Adding an app to Facebook is typically a quick and seamless process, so you may not even be aware of all the apps that you add over time. Reviewing your list of apps and removing the ones you don’t want is certainly a task worth doing periodically.