Windows 10 Switch User

In many cases we are not the only users of our devices. Whether you have a little brother or a little sister, or one of your grandparents wants to experience the new world of technology, because they are not familiar with these devices, they could cause a real damage in your operating system. For this situation and for many other circumstances Windows 10 allows you to create one user account for each user. In this article we’ll show you how to switch between multiple user accounts in this operating system.

If you want to switch from one user account to another, you first need to get to the sign-in screen. Here are several ways in which you can get to it:

Switch Users via User Icon

Press the Windows start button or click on Start menu icon on desktop, then click the user icon on the top-left corner in the Start Menu, and then select another user (e.g. Guest) on the pop-up menu.

  • If you just started your Windows 10 device, the first thing you’ll see is the sign-in screen, so there’s no need for you to do anything else. You should skip to the next section of article.
  • Put your device to sleep, then open your device again to unlock it.
  • Sign out of your account so that you’ll get to the Lock screen.
  • Use the Start menu to directly select the user account you want to switch to.

Switch Users in Shut Down Dialog

Open the Shut Down Windows dialog by Alt+F4, click the down arrow, choose Switch user in the list and hit OK.

Switch User from Task Manager

To Switch User in Windows 10 from Task Manager do next steps:

  1. Open Task Manager in more details view.
  2. Click/tap on the Users tab, right click or press and hold on an already signed in user (ex: Brink2) that you want to switch to, and click/tap on Switch user account.

Switch Users using Ctrl+Alt+Del

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard, and then select Switch user in the options.

No matter which method you choose from the above to switch user on your PC, you can successfully go to the login screen to select the user you want to switch to.


As you can see, if you create one user account for each user of your device you can keep your settings and information in safe conditions. Now that you know how to switch between multiple user accounts, all you have left to do is to create one account for each member of your family.